About Bordering Normal

Who I am:
Hi! My name is Natalie. I am a slightly quirky and very silly 27 year-old Southern Belle living on the border of the Illinois twin cities, Bloomington and Normal. This blog is a lifestyle blog, chronicling my journey in life. I am interested in healthy (and usually wheat- or gluten-free) eating and fitness (although I am not at all a skinny-girl-athlete-type), interior design and DIY, my voice and photography studio, my dog Finnegan, and my man, Timothy. I work in a managerial leadership position in the arts and worship industry, a place I never thought I’d end up in a million years! And I love it!

How to read this blog:
Take me lightly. I have strong opinions that fluctuate day to day. Also, blogs (and all social media!) are misleading. My life isn’t perfect! Don’t look at the shiny pictures, the healthy eating convictions, and the cute DIY projects and think that is all there is to me and my life. The truth is, these are just my interests. The difficulties in my life will most likely not be reflected here (except dealing directly with the topics I otherwise write about).


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