Sunday ponderings

I attended my first-ever Functional Training class on Friday and I am STILL SORE. Like, so sore where it hurts to sit on the toilet or climb in bed or lift my fork to mouth. Who knew thirty minutes could be so killer?! If you’re not familiar with FT, it’s a type of fitness that is similar to CrossFit (if you’ve heard of that). Basically it’s both cardio and strength in a circuit-style format, using things like yoga balls, Bosu balls, kettlebells, stairs, ropes, heavy bags, medicine balls, and other similar things. You alternate 1 minute running with 1 minute of one of those exercises. It’s really.hard.and.sweaty. But I loved it – it was just 30 minutes and I felt like I did SO much more in that 30 minutes than I do in an hour and a half at the gym.

Exhausted after FT

I also did some shopping for bathing suits yesterday (all together now: grooooooannnnn). I think this is something every woman dreads on the 364 days of the year when we’re NOT bathing suit shopping. I tried on a bunch of those plunging neckline one pieces and y’all, I’m sorry, but they give you pancake-boobs. You’d have to either have some remarkably resilient implants or some really great double-sided tape to make it work. Or, have her boobs:

No pancake boobs here

Finally I settled on a Ralph Lauren tankini. This is kind of a milestone for me. I swore I would never buy a tankini as I kind of think they’re for post-pregnancy moms, but one pieces SUCK to put on, take off, and the tan lines are stupid. And I will wear a bikini some days at the beach, but this isn’t my year, I don’t think! Haha. At least not until I get a really impressive tan going. This is what I ended up with:

Ralph Lauren tankini

So, I have this salad dressing that I’ve been obsessed with for a few years. It’s the simplest. Just mix up equal parts tahini, water, and either tamari or soy sauce and enjoy! It’s creamy, nutty, salty, and satisfying. Here’s a delightfully huge salad I made with it recently.

Topped with leftover Israeli salad (below) and cannelini beans

Another staple of mine is Israeli salad, something I discovered when I lived in Manhattan, above a Turkish restaurant. Really it’s a canvas of goodness for you to paint upon, but I like it basic. This one had to many onions.

Simply chop up 1/2 red onion, 1 tomato, and 1 cucumber, add salt and pepper to taste, top with olive oil and lemon juice. The restaurant often added mint which was a great touch. So I had that leftover and threw it on top of my spinach.

I’m feeling like a nap is in order. It’s really cloudy and gray, and I’m sleepy…….. happy Sunday everyone!


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