Folding Screen – Before/After, How-to, and the Final Product!

Lunch today was makeshift, which usually uses the best stuff! I had some leftover white rice with soy sauce, edamame, and my favorite apple and peanut butter sammich (I think I saw this on Pinterest) with some peanut butter granola (recipe from

So, the folding screen. In the previous post, you can see the fail version, if you’re curious.

Now, the final before and after. I love it!

I am really happy with it. This room is big time in progress (and I hate our beige rental carpets and I hate our dark molding, sorry, I just do), but this is a step in the right direction. It hides the clothes and adds a fun pop of color annnd a cool pattern!


  • Mine had dowels that held up the panels, in the top and the bottom, and fit tongue-and-groove into the frame of each panel. I had to tap them with a screwdriver to push them out. I also removed the four hinges before I painted.
  • The painting is pretty obvious, but I’m super lazy and didn’t sand it or prime it. I bought a small paint sample at Lowe’s of the color I decided (rather haphazardly) I liked and magically it was just enough for a lot of coats. I used a foam brush I had lying around to apply it and didn’t do a great job.

For the NO-SEW! panels:

  • First, I measured dowel-hole to dowel-hole, and it was 58″. I also measured the width of the interior of the frame, which was 14″. My fabric was 45″ across so I just divided it into three 15″ panels with the assumption I’d add about 1/2″ of a “hem” to each side, and 3″ to the top and bottom of each panel. So, each panel ended up being 15″ x 64″. I am sure this varies from screen to screen.
  • Then, I used Liquid Stitch (readily available at any craft or sewing store for about $5-$6/bottle). I flipped each panel so that the reverse was facing me, working one panel at a time.

  • Then, working in sections, I started applying the Liquid Stitch about 1/2″ from the edge (no precision is necessary) and kind of spreading it out with my finger, like the bottle told me to do. ***Please ignore my chipped manicure. Too much crafting.***

  •  I folded the edges over, using the pattern as a sort of guide.
  • Some doggies like crafting, too.

  •  Then I did each end, measuring 3″ and marking it (where the fold will be), folding it, and gluing the entire end down.

    I also kind of used my fingers to pop up the loop and make it round.
  • Then, repeat with all your panels and load ’em onto the screen the same way the old ones came off!

The left panel here is too long, which is why it billowed. I need to shorten it. How'd that happen?!

My color choices!


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